Friday, 29 July 2016

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Adisoy is Punjab’s leading soy dairy products manufacturer and suppliers. Our unit is ISO 9001:2000 certified and all are premium products are vacuum packed in a specialized environment to deliver best quality products. Adisoy has brought under one roof with soy milk in different flavors, Tofu in both plain and spiced forms and the newly introduced soy buttermilk toward away the scorching summer heat, yobite, etc. All our products have special packaging to retain freshness. Adisoy, has brought to each household the benefits of legendary soybeans. Rightly processed soy foods make healthy bones and provide essential proteins at the same time.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Soybeans Benefits


Soybeans is also known as Soya beans and it is a legume plant which was first cultivated in US in 1880’s and were used in the place of coffee that times. In addition its cultivation is easy and is cultivated in a huge amount in India. It is very beneficial for one’s health. Some of  Soybeans Benefits are mentioned below:-
·        Provide enough protein: - Soybeans contains a huge amount of protein in it which is its key benefit.  If you are a vegetarian and cannot eat red meat, chicken and eggs then you can choose soybeans for that because it will give you more protein then this non-vegetarian stuff.

·        Contains fiber: - Soybeans contains fiber in it which means if you are lean and you want to gain weight then you can consume soybeans in huge amount. Furthermore the weight it will provide to your body is healthy one and fiber also helps to improve the digestive system which in return makes your immune system strong. It will also protect you against diabetes.

·        Contains Magnesium: - Soybeans contains magnesium in it which helps you to get a good sleep and prevents insomnia. It helps in reducing sleep disorders and it can increase the restfulness of your sleep.
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