Monday, 28 November 2016

Best Home Remedy to Fights Colds - Adisoy

How to treat Common Cold with Garlic

Raw Garlic:

  1.  Crush one clove of raw garlic and such on it for 10 minutes.
  2. You could also eat 1 fresh garlic clove after 4 hours in a day provided you have no ulcer problem. Chew the garlic with piece of a bread. 

Garlic and Honey

You could also eat combination of little garlic paste and some honey on a piece of bread. Eat the bread or toast during your cold condition.

Garlic Soup

You can make garlic soup with adding black pepper, Kosher salt, lemon juice, and some parsley in some minced garlic. You could take help of several recipes to make the soup as you wish.

Do not put minced garlic on your fore head skin for treating headache or cold otherwise It will cause serious harm to your skin. Skin would swollen up with water containing little bags of skin after few hours.

If you have ulcer problem then eat cooked garlic instead of raw cloves.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Health Benefits of Soybeans to cancer patients: Adisoy

People generally get confused over consumption of soy products and cancer disease. Scientific studies had shown not only that soy foods do not promote cancer, but they reduce risk of the disorder indeed. Researchers analyzed the diet and health profiles of Okinawan elders and compared them to old population across the world and found Okinawans were at low risk of hormone based cancers due to their high soy consumption. They have less chances of cancers of breast, prostate, ovaries, and colon compared to North Americans. 

The study hence showed reduction in cancer risks due to large consumption of isoflavones that found in soy. A healthy person could consume 25 grams of soy product each day as recommended by American Food and Drug Administration FDA for getting Soybeans Benefits in a perfect way.
Adisoy brings forward some soy products for you in the form of semi solid and liquid state. The food products are safe and nutritious as well.

Soya food products & bone health:Adisoy

Soybeans processed food products are considered as good for bone health provided an individual could eat sufficient amount of butter that is a traditional Vitamin D source. Vitamin D is essentially required for calcium absorption. People who could not get direct sunlight generally show difficulty in developing vitamin D in their skin and they have to rely on vitamin D supplements. 

 Soy foods are good source of Calcium. People who face osteoporosis could take health benefit of the soy products such as soy milk and tofu. The processed foods are available in markets in abundance nowadays. For good health an individual can consume 25 grams of soybeans each day as per FDA norms. 

Adisoy supports your bone health through manufacturing Soya Products. Its Tofood and Yobite are semisolid forms of the products that are similar to tofu and cheese. Its’ Milsoy and Fitsip are ready made drinks to enjoy taste of strawberry, mango, chocolate, and cardamom flavor.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Adisoy Soya Products

Soya products are produced in large quantities in India nowadays. The food products are delicious and nutritious. These food products are available in markets in its liquid and solid forms. Soy milk and Tofu are made from oil free soybeans. Soy milk is produced adding tasty and colored flavor. People like it drinking during all seasons of a year. It is as nutritious as dairy milk. The products are good for vegan diet too as they are not byproducts of animals. 
The food products can be eaten raw or through cooking. Tofu comes in two types of packs one is called plain Tofu and other one known as Spiced Tofu. Tofu or Tofood is a good alternative to cheese and it is as nutritious as cheese. Both cheese and Tofu are rich in complete proteins. The semisolid product is useful for preparing many dishes such as Samosa, Burger, Mix Veg, Chole Bhature, and Matar Paneer. The fat free soy milk is also nutritious. It comes in mango/strawberry/ chocolate/ and cardamom flavor as well as color. 
The milk contains natural color and some amount of sugar. Chilled soy milk is a delicious dish of Indians during summer. It is on normal temperature liked by people to be drunk. Soy milk is packed in pouches and printed bottles. The packing is made sterilized for keeping the drink safe for many days. Soy milk contains calcium and protein in it and it is best for health.  
Moreover, soy products are cheaper than dairy products. The food products provide freshness and energy to consumers.

Adisoy Foods & Beverages Pvt Ltd. produces many tons of Soya Products in form of soy milk and tofu daily for consumers living in India. The Adisoy is brand of Milsoy and Fitsip soy milk drinks. It produces tofu called Tofood Plain and Tofood Spiced in large quantities and supplies these soy food products all over Punjab and India.