Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Health Benefits of Soybeans to cancer patients: Adisoy

People generally get confused over consumption of soy products and cancer disease. Scientific studies had shown not only that soy foods do not promote cancer, but they reduce risk of the disorder indeed. Researchers analyzed the diet and health profiles of Okinawan elders and compared them to old population across the world and found Okinawans were at low risk of hormone based cancers due to their high soy consumption. They have less chances of cancers of breast, prostate, ovaries, and colon compared to North Americans. 

The study hence showed reduction in cancer risks due to large consumption of isoflavones that found in soy. A healthy person could consume 25 grams of soy product each day as recommended by American Food and Drug Administration FDA for getting Soybeans Benefits in a perfect way.
Adisoy brings forward some soy products for you in the form of semi solid and liquid state. The food products are safe and nutritious as well.

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