Monday, 28 November 2016

Best Home Remedy to Fights Colds - Adisoy

How to treat Common Cold with Garlic

Raw Garlic:

  1.  Crush one clove of raw garlic and such on it for 10 minutes.
  2. You could also eat 1 fresh garlic clove after 4 hours in a day provided you have no ulcer problem. Chew the garlic with piece of a bread. 

Garlic and Honey

You could also eat combination of little garlic paste and some honey on a piece of bread. Eat the bread or toast during your cold condition.

Garlic Soup

You can make garlic soup with adding black pepper, Kosher salt, lemon juice, and some parsley in some minced garlic. You could take help of several recipes to make the soup as you wish.

Do not put minced garlic on your fore head skin for treating headache or cold otherwise It will cause serious harm to your skin. Skin would swollen up with water containing little bags of skin after few hours.

If you have ulcer problem then eat cooked garlic instead of raw cloves.

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